University of Mississippi


Adetayo Alabi

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
Teaching and research interests are Postcolonial studies with an emphasis on African, African-American and Caribbean literature and culture, Literary theory, and Autobiographical genre in Comparative Black Studies.
Office: C216 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-6948 |aalabi at

Patrick Alexander

Assistant Professor of English and African American Studies
Ph.D. Duke University
Teaching Interests: African American literature, 19th-century American literature, and Critical Prison Studies.
Office: 315 Longstreet | pealexan at

Sarah Baechle

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Teaching and research interests are Middle English and Old and Middle French languages and literatures; Medieval manuscript and print culture as well as Medieval authorship theories and literary criticism.
Office: W212 Bondurant Hall | sebaechl at|

Deborah Barker

Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D., Princeton
Deborah Barker teaches American literature (with an emphasis on 19th and 20th century women writers), film studies (with an emphasis on southern film), and gender theory. She is the author of Reconstructing Violence: The Southern Rape Complex in Film and Literature (2015) and Aesthetics and Gender in American Literature: Portraits of the Woman Artist (2000). She co-edited with Kathryn McKee American Cinema and the Southern Imaginary (2011). Barker has also published essays on southern film and literature and is currently working on a collection of essays on southern noir..
Office: C219 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7758 | dbarker at

Monika R. Bhagat-Kennedy

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Teaching and research interests are Postcolonial and Transnational Literatures; Postcolonial Studies with a focus on South Asia; Nineteenth-century British Imperial Literature and Philosophies of Empire, Theory of the Novel.
Office: W213 Bondurant Hall mbk at

Matt Bondurant

Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Fiction
Ph.D., Florida State University
Teaching interests include Fiction Writing, Contemporary Literature, American Romanticism, 20th Century American Literature, The Novel, Postmodernism, Documentary Films
Office: W208 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-6947 | mrbondur at

Lindy Brady

Assistant Professor and Assistant Chair
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Teaching and research interests are Old English, medieval Irish and Welsh, Old Norse, and Anglo-Latin languages and literatures; the role of the landscape in medieval texts.
Office: C136 Bondurant Hall | lmbrady at

Erin Drew

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Teaching and research interests are Eighteenth-century poetry and the novel, Ecocriticism, Science and literature, and Jane Austen and pop culture.
Office: W107-B Bondurant Hall | 662-915-2783 | eedrew at

Leigh Anne Duck

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Modern and contemporary literature and visual culture, constructions of race and nation, and theories concerning space, narrative, memory, and neoliberalism. Her current project considers how twenty-first century representations of the U.S. South provide a venue for contemplating the past and future of the larger nation.
Office: C217 Bondurant Hall |lduck at

Cristin Ellis

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
Teaching Interests: Nineteenth-century American literature and culture, American Romanticism, history of science, posthumanism, and ecocriticism.
Office: W209A Bondurant Hall | ceellis2 at

Ralph Eubanks

Visiting Professor
Ralph Eubanks is the author of The House at the End of the Road:  The Story of Three Generations of an Interracial Family in the American South (HarperCollins, 2009) and Ever Is a Long Time: A Journey Into Mississippi’s Dark Past (Basic Books, 2003)

Beth Ann Fennelly

M.F.A., University of Arkansas
Teaches poetry as literature and also teaches the writing of both poetry and creative nonfiction. She’s the author of three books of poetry, one book of essays, and a co-authored novel.
Office: C104 Bondurant Hall | bafennel at

Ann Fisher-Wirth

Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School
Teaches poetry workshops and seminars, 20th-century American literature, and a wide range of courses in environmental literature.
Office: C212 Bondurant Hall | afwirth at

Tom Franklin

Associate Professor of Fiction Writing
M.F.A., University of Arkansas
Teaches graduate fiction seminars and workshops.
Office: W104 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-2782 | tfrankli at

Ari Friedlander

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Teaching and research interests are Early Modern English Literature and Culture; Histories of Gender, Sexuality, and Social Status; Queer Theory; Queer Historiography; Disability Studies.
Office: C132 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7674 | ari at

Melissa Ginsburg

Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing
M.F.A., University of Iowa
Teaches Creative Writing courses in poetry and fiction as well as poetry and American literature courses
Office: C218 Bondurant Hall | mginsburg at

Adam Gussow

Associate Professor of English and Southern Studies
Ph.D., Princeton
Teaches and writes about American and African American Literature, with a particular focus on blues cultural studies.
Office: C213 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7333 | agussow at

Joan Wylie Hall

Senior Lecturer in English
Ph.D., Notre Dame
Teaches American literature, southern literature, and women’s literature. Her research interests are southern women’s writing and African-American literature.
Office: 104 Leavell | 662-915-7286 | egjwh at

Jaime Harker

Professor of English and Director of the Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies
Ph.D., Temple University
Works on twentieth century American literature, with an emphasis on book history, gender, and sexuality. She has additional research interests in gay and lesbian studies, American studies, and the Pacific Rim.
Office: C214A Bondurant Hall | 662-915-3172 | jlharker at

Derrick A. Harriell

Assistant Professor of English and African American Studies and Director of MFA Program
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Teaching Interest: Blues Poetry, 20th Century Poetry, Harlem Renaissance Literature and Poetry
Office: C130 Bondurant Hall | harriell at

Mary Hayes

Associate Professor of English
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Teaches and researches Old and Middle English literature and the History of the English Language
Office: W203 Bondurant Hall | hayes at

Blair Hobbs

Senior Lecturer
M.F.A., University of Michigan
Teaches American Literature, Advanced Composition, Freshman Composition, Applied Writing, and Poetry workshops.
Office: 106 Leavell | vhobbs at

Shari Hodges Holt

Instructional Associate Professor of English
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Teaches courses in British literature, drama, and film studies. Her research interests include film adaptations of literature, Victorian Gothic and sensation fiction, and the works of Charles Dickens.
Office: Rm 332, Desoto Campus, Southaven | 662-393-1658 | shodges at

Ivo Kamps

Department Chair and Professor
Ph.D., Princeton
Research and teaching interests include Early Modern literature, Shakespeare, Literary theory, Film.
Office: C128 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7439 | egkamps at

Kiese Laymon

Professor of English and Creative Writing
M.F.A., Indiana University
Office: W205A Bondurant Hall | 662-915-6949 | kmlaymon at

Jennie Lightweis-Goff

Instructor, Branch Campuses
Ph.D., University of Rochester
American and Southern Literatures as well as feminist theory and urban studies. She is currently working on book-length projects on slave narratives from the urban South and on representations of Southern cities in popular literature

Kathryn McKee

Associate Professor of English
Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Teaches and writes about United States literature and U.S. southern literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She has particular interests in women’s writing, humor studies, film studies, and Global South studies.
Office: 216 Barnard Observatory | 662-915-3371 | kmckee at

Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Professor of English and Creative Writing
M.F.A., Ohio State University
Teaching interests: graduate and undergraduate poetry workshops, nature writing, environmental literature, creative non-fiction workshops. Office: W111 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-6510 | acnezhuk at

Daniel A. Novak

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University
Teaching and research interests are Victorian Literature and Culture, 19th century Literature and Visual Culture, Photography and Film, Nineteenth-Century Theories of Race, The History of Sexuality, Oscar Wilde
Office: C121 Bondurant Hall | dnovak at

Chris Offutt

Associate Professor of English and Screenwriting
M.F.A., Fiction. The University of Iowa
Teaching interests: screenwriting, fiction, film
Office: C130 Bondurant | offutt at

Dustin Parsons

Senior Lecturer
M.F.A. Bowling Green University, 2001
Teaching and research interests: Contemporary short story, creative nonfiction, 20th century American literature, popular culture studies.
Office: W210 Bondurant Hall | djparson at

Karen Raber

Professor of English
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Writes and teaches early modern British literature. Her research interests include cultural and gender studies, animal studies, and ecocriticism.
Office: W209B Bondurant Hall | kraber at

Peter Reed

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Florida State University
Teaches Early American Literature.
Office: C133 Bondurant | preed at

Gregory Alan Schirmer

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Stanford
Teaches Irish literature and British twentieth-century literature.
eggas at

Jason Solinger

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Brown
Teaching and research interests: the literature of the long eighteenth century, the novel, gender and masculinity.
Office: W207 Bondurant | solinger at

Beth Spencer

Lecturer in English
M.F.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Teaching interests include creative writing, especially poetry, environmental studies, nature writing, Southern literature, intersections of social justice and service learning, international learning communities, multicultural literature and composition
Office: 109 Leavell | ecspence at

Daniel Stout

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Teaching and research interests are Nineteenth Century British Literature, History of the Novel and contemporary theory.
Office: C214B Bondurant Hall | dstout at

Annette Trefzer

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Tulane University
Teaches American literature and literary theory
Office: W211 Bondurant | 662-915-7675 | atrefzer at

Jay Watson

Howry Professor of Faulkner Studies and Professor of English
Ph.D., Harvard University
Teaching interests: American literature, southern literature, Faulkner
Office: C211 Bondurant | 662-915-7671 | jwatson at

Paula W. White

Instructor, Branch Campuses
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
Teaching and research interests are African American Literature, Southern Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies.
pwwhite at

Ian Whittington

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., McGill University
Teaching and research interests: 20th century British literature, 20th century World Anglophone literature, Cultural Studies, Radio Studies/Sound Studies.
Office: C220 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7670 | iwhittin at

Caroline Wigginton

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Teaching and research interests are American Literature to 1865, Native American Literatures, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Transatlantic Eighteenth Century.
Office: C134 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7106 | cwiggint at

Peter Wirth

Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Harvard
Office: W206 Bondurant | 662-915-5035 | phwirth at

Ethel Young-Scurlock

Associate Professor, Senior Fellow of the Lucky Day Residential College
Ph.D., Bowling Green
Teaching interests: African American literature
W205B Bondurant | 662-915-7688 | eyoungmi at