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Department of English

University of Mississippi

Tharangi Fernando, English Student Ambassador

Tharangi Fernando, Student Ambassador for the Department of Classics
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Tharangi is a whirlwind on UM campus, and is involved with many groups, including Rebel Writers, Hip Hop Rebels, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Girl Up, and the UM Soccer Club, among others. Her creativity and energy inspire students and professors alike.


Student Profile

What made you decide to study English?
I decided that I wanted to be an English major in the sixth grade. I have always had a love for books and writing, and it seemed like the one thing that would make me happy for the rest of my life.

What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I’m going to go to grad school to get an MFA in creative writing. I’d like to teach at a university and write books.

Why did you decide to study English at UM?
We have an atmosphere that encourages creativity. I am constantly inspired by the people and the environment. The UM English department has teacher who are working professionaly in their fields, creating books, movies, plays and poetry.

Have you done any study abroad or other activities beyond the classroom?
I studied in England and Scotland for a week during spring break last year. The trip was part of a semester-long course on fantasy fiction. We visited the castle that was Hogwart’s in the Harry Potter movies.

Do you do any community service work?
I love animals, so I’ve volunteered at the local humane society. I’ve also volunteered for several years at a camp for mentally and physically disabled kids and adults, Camp Sunshine. I’ve also been a tutor at a local elementary school.