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Department of English
University of Mississippi

Undergraduate Resources


College of Liberal Arts Advising Information

  • General advising information and forms for the College of Liberal Arts.

Change of Major

  • Please complete this form to change your major.

Change of Advisor

  • To request a change of advisor, complete the attached form. You may request a specific advisor or the department will assign one.

Add a Class

  • To add a class AFTER they have closed on MyOleMiss, please complete this form and submit it to the English Department. You must be granted professor approval.

Intent to Graduate

English Major Checklist 

  • English major degree audit

Eng 399 Internship Application

  • Please complete this form prior to beginning any internship.


  • ENG 496 is a directed reading course created by the student and their advisor\director of choice. Please complete this form and submit with a completed planned schedule for the semester.
  • Forms must be completed the semester BEFORE you plan on taking the course. For example, if you wish to take it in the fall, submit the form before the end of the spring semester.