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Department of English
University of Mississippi

How to Apply to M.F.A.

Stage One, October 1-December 15:

* Please submit a writing sample of 10 pages of poems (single-spaced) or no more than 30 pages of prose (double-spaced) with your name and contact information on them.  Also provide a cover sheet with your name, address, phone number, and email, and the titles of the pieces in your work sample.

*If applying for both genres, please send two separate Phase I applications.

* A statement of purpose/letter of intent  (no more than two single-spaced pages) about entering the program that also indicates if you wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship or fellowship.   The statement should indicate your background and experience, as well as any academic or career goals.   There is no separate application for a teaching assistantship or fellowship.  This letter should also include your contact information.

The writing sample, statement of purpose/letter of intent, and contact information sheet should be emailed as a PDF to  The pdf should be only one document containing your writing sample, contact info, and letter/statement of intent.  Please name the document your last name/genre.  For example:  Smith/prose.                                                                                         

Please email ONLY a writing sample with a cover sheet and a statement of purpose/letter of intent  pdf for the first stage.  Make sure to include a cover sheet with your name, email address, phone number, and physical address and have your contact information on your writing sample and statement of purpose/letter of intent.

* All phase one application materials must be emailed as a named (Ex. Smith/Prose) PDF by December 15.

Please be aware that there is no application fee for the application process’s first stage.  Our first step in evaluating applicants is based solely on the merits of the writing.  There is no need to apply for admission to the Graduate School unless we inform you that your work moves you onto stage two.


Stage Two:

The MFA faculty has notified all Phase II applicants for fall 2023 admission. 

* Wait for a response.  If you are on our list of finalists, you will be contacted by email and asked to complete the UM Graduate School online application form and send an application fee ($50).  Please send transcripts and three letters of recommendation. to the Graduate School.

Please send official transcripts to:

The University of Mississippi
Graduate School
100 Graduate House
University, MS 38677

Phase II applicants need to send official transcripts and three letters of recommendation upon notification.

*If you do not hear from us, you have not moved onto the second stage of the application process and will not be admitted into the  MFA program*