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Department of English
University of Mississippi

Current Graduate Students

Muftiat Adeyi, she\her

M.A.,Performing Arts, University of Ilorin

B.A., Visual and Preforming Arts, Kwara State University

Research and writing interests include African and African Diasporic Literature, Performance Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Theatre and Film Studies, Black Feminism, and Oral Literature.


Agbaakin, he\him

University of Ibadan

Research and writing interests include Poetry, African and African American Literature, World Literature,  Historical Linguistics, Gender Studies, Art history.

Patrick Alexander

Stacey Balkun

M.F.A., Creative Writing, Fresno State University, 2014
B.A., English and American Studies, Rutgers University, 2009

Bridget Bartlett, she\they

BA in Philosophy, Central Washingtin University, Ellensburg WA

MA in English, University of Oklahoma, Norman OK

Research and writing interests include early modern literature, disability studies, neurodiversity, drama, jestbooks, disablement and racialization

Di Bei, she\her

B.S. Biology, Randolph College, VA

Research and writing interests include fiction and creative writing.

Ellie Black, she/her/hers

B.A., Hendrix College
Areas of Interest: Poetry, the South, queer and feminist literature, pop culture, film studies, and media and digital studies


Gabrielle Bowden, she\her

B.A., College of William and Mary;

Masters of Philosophy, Trinity College, Dublin

Research and writing interests include: Southern literature, Gothic literature, modernism, Irish literature, Transatlantic literature, 20th century literature

Patrick AlexanderCaroline Brandon, she/her/hers
M.A., Mississippi State University
B.A., Millsaps College

Research and writing interests include Contemporary American Literature, especially Mississippi writers


Colin Brightwell, he/him/his

B.A., English, University of Missouri – Kansas City
Research and writing interests include Crime Fiction, Grit Lit, Noir, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Folklore, 19th\20th Century American Literature, Irish Literature, Japanese Literature, the American Civil War, Music Journalism

Chase Browning, he/him/his

B.A., English and Philosophy, University of Virginia
Research and writing interests include Faulkner, African American literature, literature and philosophy


Christy Conor

Jacob DeBrock, he/they

B.A. in English and Psychology, University of Toledo.

M.A. English, University of Louisville

Research interests include 20th- and 21st-century African American literature, queer/gender studies, disability studies, media studies

jddebroc at

Patrick AlexanderKathleen Downes, she\her

M.A., University of New Orleans
B.A., Florida State University

Research and writing interests include science and literature with a focus on disease in 19th Century and Modern American literature

kdownes at

Shannon Dwyer

Kenneth Estrada

Siyun Fang

Aly Favilla, they\them

B.Sc. in Environmental Science from Cornell University

M.Phil in Irish Writing from Trinity College Dublin

Research and writing interests include The sonnet, New Formalism, 20th century Irish poetry, Northern Irish writing, birds in art and literature

afavilla at

Callie Fedd

Patrick AlexanderAndie Ferniany she/her/hers

M.A., University of Alabama in Huntsville
B.A., Auburn University

Areas of Interest: Research interests include Restoration and eighteenth-century literature and culture, historical poetics, feminist criticism, gender studies, and ecocriticism.

afern at


Diego Fleitas, he\him

Research interests include: renaissance narrative poems, italian humanism, chivalric epic, the sonnet tradition, early modern prose fiction



Kelsey Fox she/her/hers

B.A. English and Spanish, Brescia University

M.A. English, Western Kentucky University

Areas of Interest: Research interests include Contemporary American Literature, Critical Prison Studies, Queer Theory, Ecocriticism.

kfox at

David James Gambino he/him/his

M.A., English, University of Alabama in Huntsville
B.A., English, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Areas of Interest: Interests include contemporary literary fiction, creative nonfiction, food writing, and writing by military veterans.

Patrick AlexanderAnthony Gottlich he/him/his

B.A., English and Hispanic Languages and Literature, Boston University

Areas of Interest: Research interests include Literature of the US South, the Global South, Latin American Literature, Indigenous Literature, Postcolonialism, and other literary depictions of the plantation.

agottlic at

Patrick AlexanderMaggie Graber she/her/hers

M.F.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale
B.A., Indiana University

Research interests include Contemporary American Poetry, Ecocriticism, Queer Ecologies, and Wilderness Poetics.

magraber at


Marina Greenfeld, 

B.A., UNC Chapel Hill, English and Slavic Languages and Cultures
Areas of Interest: Interests include poetry, southern literature and cultures, docupoetics and poetics of labor, folklore, Jewish studies, Slavic studies, linguistics, theatre and performance, puppets

Vinh Hoang he/him

B.A., Creative Writing, University of Houston
Areas of Interest: Contemporary American Fiction, Short story writing, Novel writing, Screenwriting, Filmmaking

Victoria Hulbert she/her/hers

B.A., Writing, Literature, and Publishing, Emerson College
Areas of Interest: Literary fiction, Popular Culture and Media Studies, Cyberfeminism, and Internet Studies

Conor Hultman, he\him

Bachelor’s in English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing, The University of Mississippi

Research and Writing interests include Literature, Faulkner

Amie Irwin

Janeth Jackson, she/her/hers

B.A., English, Tougaloo College (Jackson, MS)

M.A., Southern Studies, University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS)Writing and research interests include African American Literature, Southern Literature, Young Adult Fiction, and Women’s Studies

Latrice Johnson

Latrice Johnson she/her/hers
Areas of Interest: Research interests include American literature; African American literature; Blues literature and culture; and Afrofuturism
B.A. Tougaloo College

Jenny Keto, she/her/hers

B.A., Theatre and Dance, University of Texas at Austin

B.S., Nursing, Texas A&M University

Writing and research interests includePoetry (as a written, oral, and performative tradition), Psychiatry/Psychology, Mental Health Advocacy, Creative Nonfiction, Feminist Literature, Playwriting/Screenwriting, Theatre & Film Studies, Acting, Neurodiversity Studies, Gender Studies, Media Studies, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Studies, Social Justice, Modern Art & Design, Art History

Key, Jennifer

Rebeca Kis, she/her/hers

Bachelor’s in English (Honours), Mount Royal University

Areas of Interest: Research interests include 18th and 19th century British Literature

rmkis at

Kimberly Kotel she/her/hers

M.F.A., Creative Writing, Chapman University
M.A., English, Chapman University
B.A., Creative Writing, University of Arizona

Areas of Interest: Research interests include 19th-21st century literature; aesthetics; cultural studies; genre; material culture; media studies; pedagogy; poetics; sexuality and gender; spatial theory.

kkotel at

Marina Leigh she/her/hers

Grisham Scholar
B.A., The University of Nevada, Reno
Areas of Interest: Creative writing with an emphasis in poetry

Kacee McKinney she/her/hers

M.A., Literature and Cultural Theory, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
B.A., English, Oklahoma Baptist University

Areas of Interest: queer theory, animal studies, twentieth and twenty-first century southern literature,

kmmckin1 at

Morgan McComb she/her/hers

M.A., Literature and Cultural Theory, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
B.A., English, Oklahoma Baptist University

Research and writing interest include African American Literature, African American Poetry, Black Feminisms

mlmccomb at


Homa Mojtabai she/her/hers

BA Spanish, Bowdoin College.

MBA Management, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

writing and research interests include A War of the Words – I’m most interested in politically engaging, enraging, and especially entertaining, American fiction.

hmojtaba at

Jacob Montalvo-Santiago, he\him

B.A. in Creative Writing from Central Michigan University

Research interests include autobiographical Poetry

jsmontal at

Maggie Muehleman, she\hers

B.A. from Transylvania University

Research interests include 19th and 20th century American Literature, the Southern Gothic, cultural studies, women in literature, literary theory, and social\cultural theory

mamuehle at

Sayantani Mukherjee, she\hers

B.A( Hons.), University of Delhi, MA English, University of Delhi

Research interests include 18th century British literature

smukherj at

Gabriel Mundo he/him/his

B.A., English and Writing, Carroll University
Areas of Interest: poerty

Joanna Ng she/her/hers

M.A., English, University of California, Davis
B.A., English, University of California, Davis
Areas of Interest: Areas of interest include Asian American literature, environmental literature, fairy tales and folklore

Patrick AlexanderJoshua Nguyen he/him/his

M.F.A., The University of Mississippi
B.S.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Interest: Asian American literature, hybrid historial retellings, and the contemporary quotidian.

Allison Nick She\Hers

B.A., Washington University in St. Louis

Research interests include 20th Century American Literature, Southern Literature, Postwar Literature, Transatlantic Studies, Women and Gender Studies

amnick at

Noreen Ocampo, she\they

B.A., English, Emory University

Research and writing interests include poetry, Filipino/a/x American literature, Asian American literature, representations and explorations of Asian American family dynamics, reclamation and transformation of myth, film and media studies, screenwriting, the short film. 

nocampo at

Oluwatobi (Tobi) Ogundiran, he\him\his

M.D. Penza State University

Research and writing interests include Mythology and Folklore, Creative Writing, Speculative Fiction, World Literature



Ugochukwu Damian Okpara he\him

B.Sc Anatomy, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University

Areas of Interest: Gender and Sexuality Studies

udokpara at

A. Ng Pavel they\them

Dual B.A./M.A University of Chicago, English and Creative Writing
Research and writing interests include Magic realism, migration literature, Asian American literature, African American literature, critical race studies, disability studies, queer and trans theory

Hannah Phillips she/her/hers

Areas of Interest: Research and teaching interests include Contemporary literature, Immigrant literature, Postcolonial theory, and Gender studies. B.A. in English from Mississippi State University.

Patrick AlexanderSarah Margaret Pittman, she\her\hers

B.S.B.A., Finance, University of Arkansas

Research interests include Victorian literature, gender studies, Gothic literature Political economy

smpittma at



Patrick AlexanderMargaret Pless Zee she/her/hers

M.A., University of Mississippi
B.A., Vanderbilt University

Areas of Interest: 20th century and contemporary American literature, the memoir, theory of identity, criticism that incorporates the personal

mhpless at

Pontacoloni, Michael

Elizabeth Purnell she/her

B.A., English, Emory University
Research interests include: Early Modern British literature, theater, gender and sexuality, race studies.


Alida Pamela Reyes she/her/ella

B.A., History and English, Cedar Crest College, Allentown PA
Research and writing interests include: Pan-African Literature, Queer Theory, Afro-futurism, Woman and Gender studies


Ridley, Kimberly

Kara Russell she/her/ella

B.A., French, Earlham College
M.A., East Tennessee State University
Research interests include: Queer literatures, multispecies ecologies, modernity, lesbian print movement, and the US South

Patrick AlexanderNicholas Sabo he/him/his

B.A., English and Computer Science, Rice University, 2018

Areas of Interest: sound, radio, and media studies, aesthetic philosophy, Gothic literature, 20th century popular media, and contemporary formats.

nasabo at

Loren Samons she/her/hers
Areas of Interest: Teaching and research interests include poetry and poetics, war literature, Southern literature, Romanticism, 20th century film and film theory
B.A., English, University of Central Arkansas

Patrick AlexanderIra Sen she/her/hers

Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research, Ashoka University
B.A., Hons., English, Ashoka University

Areas of Interest: Adaptation, Shakespeare, the body in performance, reading and re-imagining, creative political resistance to authoritarianism.

isen at

Patrick AlexanderSeth Spencer he/him/his

M.A., English, University of South Florida
B.A., English, Florida Southern College

Areas of Interest: Seth Spencer is a Ph.D. student at the University of Mississippi specializing in 19th-Century American Literature. He studies print culture, assembled texts, and labor reform literature.

sspencer at

Nicholas Sumrall, he\him

Areas of Interest: Old English literature and folklore, Anglo-Latin literature, Epilepsy and disability in antiquity and the Middle Ages
B.A., Classics, University of Mississippi

Will Underland, he\him

B.S. Liberal Studies, MA in English, Middle Tennessee State University

Areas of Interest: American Literature, Ecocriticism, Psychoanalysis.

William Walker, he\him

B.A. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
M.F.A. The University of Central Florida

Areas of Interest: Teaching and research interests include fiction.

Williams, Charlie

Ibrahim Williams, he\him

B.A in English and Literary Studies at Kwara State University, Kwara

M.A in English at University of Lagos, Nigeria

Research and Writing interests include: Contemporary African/African-American Literature and Film, Literary Stylistics and Discourse, and Interdisciplinary studies

Young, Katie

Young, Regina