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Department of English
University of Mississippi


Thesis and dissertation directors, please contact the members of your committee and the student to give them the appropriate link.  Capstone professor, please give the link to your senior English majors.

Assessment is only for MA and MFA theses, PhD dissertation, and senior English majors in a capstone course.

Individual student scores are not revealed.

Undergraduate Assessment Forms:

Sophomore survey assessment:

— In the case of surveys which are large lectures with discussion sections, TAs should complete one assessment for each section. If you teach a survey lecture, please inform your TAs that they need to complete the survey. I will also email the TAs directly.

— In the case of honors surveys and surveys without sections, the instructor should complete one assessment for each class.

Sophomore Link:

Capstone assessment:

— Instructors complete one assessment per senior student

— Senior students complete one assessment each. Instructors should email the link and instructions to their capstone students

Capstone Link:

Graduate Student Evaluation Forms:

For Graduate Student Evaluation Form (to be completed by seminar instructor), click HERE.

For Teaching Assistant Evaluation Form (to be completed by instructor of record), click HERE.