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Anne Spear

Anne Spear

Allison Serraes

Allison Serraes B.A., English, Florida Gulf Coast University M.A., English, Florida Gulf Coast University Twentieth-century American literature, with an emphasis on African American literature, critical prison studies, and theater studies

William C. Palmer

William C. Palmer M.A., English, Auburn University B.A., English, Birmingham-Southern College American literature and culture; ecocriticism; materialism; modernism/modernity; popular culture and music; race; sound studies

Naza Amaeze Okoli

Naza Amaeze Okoli M.A., University of Lagos, Nigeria B.A., University of Lagos, Nigeria African American Literature, African Literature, and Cultural Memory

Isabel Norwood

Isabel Norwood B.A., Colorado College Modern and contemporary American literature, particularly Latinx literature in the American South

Allison Nick

Allison Nick B.A., Washington University in St. Louis 20th Century American Literature, Southern Literature, Postwar Literature, Transatlantic Studies, Women and Gender Studies

Bailey Moorhead

Bailey Moorhead B.A., Oklahoma State University Contemporary American literature and film, particularly focusing on southern and western genres and their portrayals of gender and the gothic

Linda N. Masi

Linda N. Masi B.Sc., Rivers State University of Science and Technology Fiction Writing, Fiction workshop, The Novel, Postcolonial Literature, African & African-American Literature, World Literature, Screenwriting and film

Amy Lam

Amy Lam

Juyoun (Juyeon) Jang

Juyoun (Juyeon) Jang M.A., American Studies, Sogang University in Seoul, S. Korea B.A., Korean Literature and Philosophy, Sogang University in Seoul, S. Korea African American literature; critical prison studies; cinema studies; race, class, spaces, and neoliberalism in the US South and Global South