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Department of English
University of Mississippi

MFA Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements:

  • 36 hours of graduate coursework (excluding thesis hours) beyond the undergraduate degree, maintaining a “B” average, plus at least 6 hours thesis credit
  • Successful completion of written exam
  • Completed thesis and successful oral defense of the thesis

Coursework Requirements:

  • ENGL 600 (Introduction to Graduate Study)
  • ENGL 617 (Teaching College English)
  • 12 hours in creative writing workshops
  • 9 hours in literature seminars (700-level only):
    • 3 hours of pre-1800 courses
    • 3 hours of post-1800 courses
    • 3 hours of additional 700-level literature seminar
  • 3 hours of ENGL 679 or ENG 683 (Form, Craft, & Influence)
  • 6 hours of electives (including workshops, FCI, literature, classes in related disciplines and/or directed readings; only 3 of the 6 hours of electives may be taken as directed readings)
  • At least 6 hours of thesis credit