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Department of English

University of Mississippi


by Jack Pendarvis
A new American tall tale from the author of Your Body Is Changing and The Mysterious Secret of the Valuable Treasure. Whales, caves, and robots abound.
A giant strides this land. A giant who builds robots, invents religions, and kisses like a dream. From the rocky coast of New England to the golden hayfields of Stockton, California, he searches for America s greatest treasures. You might recognize him by the twinkle in his eye or the lustrous derby hat perched on top of his boulder-sized head.

But for a dude who has it all, he sure seems sad a lot of the time what’s up with that? And what exactly does he plan to do with all of those wonderful treasures, besides cart them across the country in his enormous red wagon? Is there someone, a beautiful lady named Glorious Jones perhaps, who has asked him to gather the bounty of America in order to prove his love for her?

There’s no way to know, unless you buy Jack Pendarvis’ awesome new novel and read it. Or have someone read it to you. Either way, laughter, wisdom, and good times are sure to follow…