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Department of English

University of Mississippi

Ann Fisher-Wirth has been chosen to become a Fellow of the Black Earth Institute.

AnnfisherworthThe Black Earth Institute, now eleven years old, is an organization of artists and scholars dedicated to having art serve the causes of the human spirit, protecting and healing the earth and promoting social justice. Fellows of the Black Earth Institute serve a three-year term; the recently awarded Fellows’ term is from July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2018. Each year, Fellows and Scholars gather near Black Earth, Wisconsin, to discuss topics bearing on this mission, share experience of their work, and explore possible directions for the Institute. Stipends support a project or projects in line with the mission; additional stipends support guest editing an issue of About Place Journal. Current and past Fellows interact with each other through internal communication, sharing panels and venues and promoting each others’ work, with the aim of having the Black Earth Institute exert an ever wider influence upon the public at large.
Congratulations, Ann!!!

To learn more about the Black Earth Institute, click HERE.