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Department of English
University of Mississippi

Alumni Spotlight—Scott Coopwood

A photo of English alumnus Scott Coopwood reading.

Scott Coopwood

Scott Coopwood (BA 84) has done a little bit of everything since earning his English degree from Ole Miss. Instead of attending Ole Miss law school, he dabbled in the music industry in the ’80s recording and marketing 10 of his own albums. He then moved into print media, after purchasing the old Jackson Journal of Business renaming it the Jackson Business Journal. But eventually, he returned to his roots in the Mississippi Delta in the early ’90s where he started the first and only business journal in the history of the Mississippi Delta, the Delta Business Journal. He later followed up with an agency, Coopwood Communications, and Delta Magazine – where he utilizes his strong writing skills, his knack for advertising, and his passion for entrepreneurship to foster his foundation for success.

“For me, going to Ole Miss, with all those smart people and in that special environment, helped me immensely,” says Coopwood. “I had great teachers in the Department of English: Dr. Evans Harrington, Dr. Louis Dollarhide, and several others. They taught the old-fashioned way. They demanded excellence in our writing, and from that I learned a great deal.”

Professors weren’t the only teachers Coopwood had though.

“The students were extremely smart. I learned a lot from being around them, from just talking to different students who came to Ole Miss, not only from Mississippi, but from all over the world. I also learned all of my social skills that I use to this very day in business.”

Needless to say, Coopwood has put those lessons to good use. As an entrepreneur, he currently owns Coopwood Communications, a full-service advertising, marketing, and public relations firm with offices located in Jackson and Cleveland, MS. In fact, for the past two years Coopwood Communications has provided public relations duties, marketing, and entertainment coordination for the “Mississippi Picnic in the Park,” held annually in New York City.

But Coopwood’s entrepreneurial endeavors don’t stop with just one business. He is also the founder and CEO of two print publications. Delta Business Journal, a monthly publication, has a readership of 25,000. Delta Magazine, billed as “…the lifestyle publication of the Mississippi Delta” has a readership of 40,000, and reports about the unique lifestyles and leisure activities of the Delta and its people. Coopwood points to his magazine consultant, Dr. Samir Husni, head of the UM Journalism Department, as his guide for helping make Delta Magazine what it is today. He is also quick to give another Ole Miss graduate, Delta Magazine editor Melissa Townsend, credit for her great vision and creativity.

Along with marketing, advertising, and print publishing, Coopwood is involved in Internet media. His newest endeavor, The Bolivar Bullet, is a weekly e-newsletter that reaches 2,500 people every week that chronicles and reports on the events happening throughout Bolivar County. He also owns Cypress Web Design, a Web site design and hosting firm located in Cleveland.

Despite all his business endeavors, Coopwood is a family man first and foremost. He and his wife Cindy, have three children: Thomas (10), Jordan (9), and Travis (3). Of his family, Coopwood says, “My wife went to Mississippi State, and my dad played football at State, but we’re Ole Miss people. My oldest son, Thomas, loves the Rebels and during the New York Picnic, Eli Manning signed one of his football jerseys for Thomas.”

Coopwood will always identify Ole Miss as a major factor for his success.

“Ole Miss is the Flagship school of Mississippi,” he says. That’s the truth. Ole Miss meant the difference of me being a success or a complete failure.”

Published courtesy of the Ole Miss Alumni Association.