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Department of English

University of Mississippi

Ph.D. student Anne Babson poem in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

October 25, 2010—Ph.D. student Anne Babson had one of her poems accepted by the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore.   Prolific poet that she is, Anne has now published in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia—and Africa is next.

Since beginning her work this semester at Ole Miss, Anne Babson (Ph.D. student in English) has had her poetry anthologized by Caparison Books (UK) in a collection entitled Emergency Verse.  Her poetry was presented on the Internet audio show Red Lion Square (where she was for the first time referred to as a “Southern Writer”).  Other poems of Anne’s have appeared during this time in Perilous Adventures in Australia, and in Moon Milk Review, Red Dirt Review, and Ragzine in the United States.

Also since arriving at Ole Miss, Anne’s blog The Carpetbagger’s Journal, has had items picked up from it for the Mississippi Political punditry site Y’All Politics, and it has been quoted repeatedly on local radio in Vicksburg.  One entry in the blog, which recommended that Southern women who were iconoclastic, funny, and uppity should form their own sorority, which Anne said ought to be called, “The Sassy Omegas,” indeed inspired about a hundred women in Atlanta to organize, and the Sassy Omegas will debut there, with Anne as a founding mother of the new sorority, in April next year.