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Department of English

University of Mississippi

MFA in Creative Writing Students


Patrick AlexanderHelene Achanzar

B.A., University of Iowa
Areas of interest include Asian American literature, contemporary visual culture studies, and urban education

Nadia Alexis

B.A., Union College
Teaches Creative Writing, Writing 101 and American Literature
Interests include African American and Caribbean literatures; diasporic women’s writing; ecocriticism

Patrick AlexanderLara Avery

B.A., Macalester College
Humanities, Media, and Cultural Studies, Film Studies Focus, Fiction

Hallie Beard

B.F.A., Murray State University
Teaching and research interests include poetry, composition, and music and popular culture studies

Mary Berman

B.A., Johns Hopkins University
Young adult and children’s literature, science fiction and fantasy, and the novel

Patrick AlexanderJessica Cogar

M.A., Creative Writing, Ohio University
B.A., Creative Writing and Literature, Ohio Northern University
Poetics, lyric theory, queer theory, and gender studies

Patrick AlexanderSarah Huddleston

M.A., English, Portland State University
B.A., English, Portland State University
Literary fiction; slipstream fiction; magical realism; fairy tales; folklore; environmental literature; gender and sexuality studies; creative nonfiction

Amy Lam

Kate Leland

Patrick AlexanderLinda N. Masi

B.Sc., Rivers State University of Science and Technology
Fiction Writing, Fiction workshop, The Novel, Postcolonial Literature, African & African-American Literature, World Literature, Screenwriting and film

Patrick AlexanderJoshua Nguyen

B.S.A., The University of Texas at Austin
Areas of interest include poetry, prose, Asian foodways in the south, sports journalism & Asian American literature

Tatiana Tomley

B.A., English, The Ohio State University
Creative writing interests: primarily realistic fiction with a grotesque bent, poetry of all kinds, comedic sketches