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Department of English
University of Mississippi

MA in English Students

Elisa Bryant

Elisa Bryant

Areas of Interest: 19th-Century American literature, specifically female writers, Women and Gender Studies, and Film theory and criticism
B.A., The University of Mary Washington


Turner Byrd

Areas of Interest: Stream-of-consciousness literature and Modernism
B.A., Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Latrice Johnson

Latrice Johnson

Areas of Interest: Research interests include American literature; African American literature; Blues literature and culture; and Afrofuturism
B.A. Tougaloo College

Hannah Phillips

Areas of Interest: Research and teaching interests include Contemporary literature, Immigrant literature, Postcolonial theory, and Gender studies. B.A. in English from Mississippi State University.

Loren Samons

Areas of Interest: Teaching and research interests include poetry and poetics, war literature, Southern literature, Romanticism, 20th century film and film theory
B.A., English, University of Central Arkansas

Nicholas Sumrall

Areas of Interest: Old English literature and folklore, Anglo-Latin literature, Epilepsy and disability in antiquity and the Middle Ages
B.A., Classics, University of Mississippi


Elijah Two Bears

Areas of Interest: Early Modern Literature/Queer Theory/Ecocriticism
B.A., English, Lehigh University

Mason Wilkes

Mason Wilkes

Areas of Interest:  19th Century British Literature; Romanticism; Theories of the Judiciary; Critical Legal Theory; Ethics
B.A., Missouri Southern State University