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Department of English
University of Mississippi

Ivo Kamps


  • Ph.D., Princeton University (1990)
  • M.A., State University of New York, Stony Brook (1986)
  • B.A., Quincy College, English and Philosophy (1982)

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Early Modern Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Literary theory, New Historicism, Marxism
  • Film


  • Historiography and Ideology in Stuart Drama. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1996. Reissued in paperback, November, 2008.

Editions and Collections

  • “Explanatory notes and introduction for Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Twelfth Night“. The Norton Anthology of Drama (New York: Norton, 2009).
  • Early Modern Ecostudies: From the Florentine Codex to Shakespeare. Ed. With Karen Raber and Thomas Hallock. New York: Palgrave Press, 2008.
  • The Phoenix. Ed. with Lawrence Danson. The Complete Works of Thomas Middleton. Gen. ed. Gary Taylor. (Oxford: Oxford UP, 2007)
  • Measure for Measure: Texts and Contexts. Ed. with Karen Raber. Boston: Bedford Press, 2004.
  • Travel Knowledge: European “Discoveries” in the Early Modern Period, 1500-1800. Ed. with Jyotsna Singh. New York: Palgrave Press, 2001.
  • Materialist Shakespeare: A History. Ed. London: Verso, 1995.
  • Shakespeare and Gender: A History. With Deborah Barker. London: Verso, 1995.
  • Shakespeare Left and Right. Ed. New York: Routledge, 1991.

Selected Essays

  • “Utopian Ecocriticism: Naturalizing Nature in Thomas More’s Utopia.” With Melissa L. Smith. Early Modern Ecostudies: From the Florentine Codex to Shakespeare. Ed. Thomas Hallock, Kamps, Karen Raber. New York: Palgrave Press, 2008.
  • “Madness and Social Mobility in Twelfth Night.” Twelfth Night: Critical Essays. Ed. James Schiffer. New York: Routledge, 2009.
  • “New Historicizing the New Historicism; or, Did Stephen Greenblatt Watch the Evening News in Early 1968?” New York: SUNY P, 2004. 159-89.
  • “The Writing of History in Shakespeare’s England.” Blackwell’s Companion to Shakespeare: The Histories. Ed. Richard Dutton and Jean Howard London: Oxford: Blackwell, 2003. 4-25.
  • “Colonizing the Colonizer: A Dutchman in Asia Portuguesa.” Travel Knowledge: European”Discoveries” in the Early Modern Period. Ed. Kamps and Jyotsna Singh. New York: Palgrave P, 2001. 160-83.

Short Fiction

  • “Birthday Party.”  Chariton Review (2016)
  • “The Visitation.”  Sequestrum (2017)
  • “Redeployment.”  Stoneboat Literary Journal (spring, 2018)

Other Editorial Work

C128 Bondurant Hall
egkamps at