Department of English

University of Mississippi

Graduate Student Fellowships, Funding, and Financial Aid

The standard Ph.D. funding package in the English Department includes tuition remission, subsidized health insurance, and a teaching fellowship of $11,500/yr in exchange for work as a teaching assistant or instructor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric.

In addition, the department and the Graduate School offer several supplementary fellowships. All multiyear awards assume student remains in good academic standing.

The Colby Kullman Fellowships offers an additional $3,750/yr for a term of 5 years to particularly strong Ph.D. applicants.

The Harold J. Kendis, Ph.D. Fellowship offers an additional $4,250/yr for a term of 5 years. One Kendis Fellowship is reserved for a Ph.D. applicant who wishes to specialize in Medieval Studies.

McCool Fellowship in Faulkner Studies.  Thanks to Leighton and Campbell McCool, the Department of English offers a McCool Dissertation Fellowship for a Ph.D. student writing a dissertation on Faulkner.  The prestigious year-long fellowship offers a stipend plus tuition remission.

Honors Fellowships supported by the Graduate School provide additional funding to select students ranging from $2,000/yr to $4,000/yr, typically for a term of 4 years.

Diversity Fellowships are supported in part by funding from the Graduate School and provide up to $7,000/yr to students who are members of minority groups (African-American, Hispanic-American and Native American) historically underrepresented in graduate programs.

Nonteaching Dissertation Fellowships are designed to exempt graduate students from normal teaching duties in order to speed the completion and defense of their dissertations. A one-year fellowship of $11,000 is offered by the English department to a student in his/her final year of funding. The Graduate School also provides one-semester nonteaching dissertation fellowships of $6,000. More information on the Graduate School Dissertation fellowship and financial aid in general can be found here.

Travel Grants provided by the graduate school provide up to $300 to enable graduate students to present original research at professional conferences. The English Department also keeps a limited budget to support graduate student travel to conferences and research collections. In recent years graduate students have attended national conferences and pursued individual research as far afield as Wales and Vietnam. For more information see For information on securing a matching grant from the English Department, contact Anne Freeman.

Summer Teaching provides an source of supplemental income. Requests for summer teaching are available here.