University of Mississippi

Emeritus Faculty

Jack Barbera, Professor Emeritus
Research and teaching interests include Twentieth-Century Poetry, Twentieth-Century Drama, Film, Literature and Art.
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Benjamin Fisher, Professor Emeritus
Specializes in Edgar Allen Poe, 19th Century and early 20th Century American Literature, Victorian Literature, Gothicism, Detective Fiction, and Turn-of-the-century women writers.
Ph.D., Duke

J.R. Hall, Professor Emeritus
Specializes in Old English and Middle English language and literature
Ph.D., Notre Dame

Donald Kartiganer, Howry Professor of Faulkner Studies Emeritus
Ph.D., Brown

Colby Kullman, Professor Emeritus
Specializes in Restoration and Eighteenth Century Studies
Ph.D., University of Kansas

Ben McClelland, Professor Emeritus
Teaching interests include contemporary nonfiction literature and writing, advanced writing, and in American modernist fiction. His current research and writing projects include a collection of nonfiction stories about families that use diabetic alert dogs to help manage Type 1 Diabetes.
Ph.D., Indiana University

Natalie Schroeder, Professor Emeritus
Researches and teaches Victorian Literature, Dickens, contemporary women’s literature, popular literature, and gothic fiction
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Ronald A. Schroeder, Professor Emeritus
Teaches classes on the novel and Romanticism, among other topics.
Ph.D., Northwestern University